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Audio Repair
HI-FI Audio Repair
Vintage Audio Repair

Stereo Repair
Amplifier Repair
Speaker Repair

Projector Repair
Television Repair
Other Repair

Audio & HI-FI Repair

We service and repair audio systems, speakers, receivers, amplifiers, tuners, turntables, tube amps, portable stereo, vintage audio repair and more. Whatever your audio equipment needs, we have them covered. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for any and all inquiries!

Over 30 years of quality repair guarantee’s that we’ll meet and hopefully even surpass your expectations. Most audio repairs are done to a parts level and as a result, you wait less and you pay less. That’s repair with care.

Check out our High Fidelity Audio repair page for more information.

HDMI Audio/Video
HI-FI Audio
Vintage Audio Repair
Tube Amplifiers
Transistor Amplifiers
Guitar Amplifiers

DJ Equipment
Cassette Decks
Reel-to-reel Decks

Projector Repair

Whether it’s a 720, 1080 or 4K projector, we have the expertise to repair any projector back to its full functionality. Common projector repair issues include power issues, cooling issues, image discolouration, dull or dim image, and dust, specks, and dark spots.

At 3D A/V Electronics, we repair down to a component level which is a complex and tedious task that requires a high level of knowledge and skill. This method ensures a quicker and more cost effective repair.

Bring in your projector and get a free estimate.

Standard and High Definition LCD/DLP

Other Repair

Whatever your electronic repair needs are, we’ll do our best to get your problems solved for you.

As always, if you bring it in we’ll give you a free estimate.

If your item isn’t listed or you’re unsure whether we can fix it, give us a call anyway! We’ll do our best to help.

8mm/Digital Camcorders

Remote controls

TV Repair

You can rest assured knowing your TV’s will be returned to you looking and sounding good as new.

Common TV repair issues include no power, flashing indicator lights, distorted image, unusual colours and/or lines, no sound, no picture, intermittent problems, lamp issues, and wiring issues.

Most repairs are done to a parts level, which means less waiting and lower prices. Bring in your TV and get a free estimate.

LCD – LED – Plasma – 3D TV’s

Older technology CRT’s

Any Questions?

Get in touch by phone (905) 844-3440, email or fill out our contact form.

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